Things I Do Differently In My 30’s

Last month I turned 31! The first full year in my 30’s has been an interesting one to say the least. I was thinking over the past few days at how I carry myself and how I do things differently now that I’m in my 30’s. Here are a few things that really stand out to me…

I don’t put up with bullshit – In my 20’s I feel like I put up with a lot of bullshit and let a lot of things go. This not only was with business, but in my personal life as well. I let people work for me who were not giving me their best work, I let people feed me excuses, and I put up with things in the relationships I was in that I shouldn’t have. Now I don’t have time for any of that I don’t put up with any of it. If someone is not doing their job they are done, if they make some lame excuse they are done, and if someone I’m dating is being shady or something like that they are done. I think a lot of the relationship stuff goes back to my Why I’m OK Being 30 and Single post, which you should definitely read!

Taking better care of myself – I guess as you get older it is harder to stay in shape. Over the past few years I’ve really changed my diet. I do a lot of meal prep and eat a lot of the same things. This routine I have makes it easy and I really do not have cravings for bad food like eating an entire package of Oreo’s like I used to on a weekly basis! When it comes to working out I trying and get to the gym a few times a week, which I have been able to keep up with. I would like to make it a daily thing again, we will see how that goes.

Put more time into work – I wouldn’t say that I did bad work before, but it could have been better. A lot of time I put in what was required, but no more. I don’t know what it was or why I changed things up, but I have been putting a lot more time into work. If its adding more detail and new testing methods to ThinkComputers reviews, to starting the ThinkComputers Podcast, to launching Look-Social, to working all day and even on weekends I have really been putting all I have into work and it has paid off.

Really appreciate the moment – It’s crazy how time flies. We go out with friends, party, travel, experience new things, etc. Then in a month or a year it is just a memory. Many times in my 20’s I did some amazing things, but I feel like I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t really get to appreciate it. Now anytime I am doing anything I really take the time to appreciate that I am able to do the things I am doing.

Helping friends achieve success – I guess when I started ThinkComputers that’s all I really thought about, it occupied most of my time and I really did not have time to work on anything else. This included helping friends out with their businesses. I think that is the case with anyone when they are starting a company. Now that I have a handle on things I have taken quite a lot of time to help friends build their businesses or even just help them out with things. Nothing feels better than helping one of your close friends achieve success.

Photo Credit – Joshua Earle