What a BUSY Summer Its Been!

You know I always say I want to keep up with my blog, but it does not always happen that way! It is the middle of August and I haven’t had a new post since the beginning of June. So what have I been up to? I have been extremely busy, but that is actually a good thing. I love being busy with work and other things, it feels good to be building things and getting things accomplished! I don’t know how people just sit around for hours at a time! Anyways, what have I been up to this summer?


ThinkComputers is still my main business and I’ve really been building it over the past few months. We started a weekly tech podcast and it has really been beneficial. First it taught me how to actually set up a podcast, because I’ve never done that before. Secondly it gives us another avenue to get people to know about ThinkComputers. Also we have been really fine-tuning our focus, so mainly we cover computer hardware and not much else. I have found this gives us a less broad audience. This way when people come to the site they really know what they are going to get. With that we have been reviewing some really awesome products, which of course brings more traffic!


I have been building websites for friends over the past few years and everyone had said I should turn it into a business so I finally have. Look Social offers website design, logo design, content creation, social media management and more. Check out my blog post over there to see what it is all about. It feels great to help people get their brand out there, and not have them get ripped off by these high-prices agencies.

River Life!

So I’m working like crazy, but what about a social life? The only place to be in the summer in Pittsburgh is on the river. Over the past couple of years I’ve really fallen in love with boating and so many of my friends have boats now. It seems every weekend and even during the week I am on the river! Sometimes it can be crazy parties, other times it is just relaxing and chill. If you ever come to Pittsburgh in the summer you definitely need to get out on the river.

So that is what I’ve been up to, hopefully I’ll have more updates soon!