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How Doing Meal Prep Has Helped Me Out

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you will see every once a while I post about doing meal prep. What is meal prep exactly? It is pre-making my meals ahead of time so I can heat them up later. Meal prep is very popular among people who are on a diet. Meal prep is has helped me out in many different ways, which I’ll explain.

I typically do meal prep on a Sunday to prepare for the week. My meals typically include a protein (fish or chicken), a vegetable (asparagus or broccoli) and usually quinoa or rice. With that I have a healthy balanced meal. Usually I keep most meals the same with not much variation. This is good if you are on a diet, such as the slow carb diet as most of your meals have to be the same. Once you get used to eating the same thing day after day you really curb your cravings for bad food, at least in my experience I have.

Another reason I do mean prep is to save time. I work from home so for the most part I am going to eat all of my meals there too. So each day I am going to have to cook my food, then eat it. This ends up being an hour or longer depending on what I make. Doing meal prep means I just throw the container in the microwave and just heat it up. This way I cut my lunch down to 30 minutes, which is ideal for being more productive.

Doing meal prep gives me no excuse to eat unhealthy too. If I have a busy day and I’m running behind there is no way that I’m going to take the time to make a full meal. So I’ll go grab something, which is typically unhealthy fast food. If I’ve done meal prep there is no excuse because I have containers full of healthy food being ready to be heated up.

If you are looking at trying to eat more healthy and save time meal prep might be a good thing to try. I has really helped me out! If you have any questions about how I do meal prep go ahead and leave them in the comments or shoot me a message on twitter.