The CES 2009 Swag

If there is one thing you always walk away with from any trade show it is swag, free goodies that companies give away when you come to their booth to look at their products. Looking back at what all I got last year I probably got half as much if not less this year. The economic climate probably has a lot to do with what people were giving out this year. Also I was all about business this year and really didn’t worry about getting free stuff that I probably would never use anyways. One thing that I did notice is that many companies went back to CD’s for their press kits instead of flash drives; I guess that saves them money.

Anyways on to some of the stuff that I got this year. Well as a member of the press you always get a CES press bag. This year they went with the traditional laptop bag rather than the book bags that we have seen the past 2 years, it was a nice change although I didn’t use that bag at all when I was at CES, I had my Lowepro for my camera and laptop. Cooler Master probably was the most gracious company as they gave me a shoulder pack, armband and flash drive. Also Antec had a cool gift as well, they gave me a Liuli glazed glass candle holder. Other notable things I got included a flash from CyberPower, organizer and 8GB flash drive from BFG Tech, and Internet Security Suite Plus 2009.

Like I said this year was not the best for swag, but hey I still managed to get some cool stuff!