IANteract Dinner at Rum Jungle

Well as many of you know I was in Las Vegas for CES, but also Affiliate Summit West was going on towards the end of our stay in Vegas. I debated on whether to attend the show or not, but I decided against it because I was already crushed with work for ThinkComputers. I know quite a few people who work in the affiliate marketing industry and Ian Fernando is one of them. I met Ian for the first time back at Ad:Tech in April, since they we have kept in touch and bounced ideas off each other about business and other things. He was nice enough to invite me out to the IANteract Dinner since I was in Vegas when he was having it.

As I always say networking is very important in business and what better way to network then to have a dinner. A dinner provides a more intimate meeting place where you can actually talk business and get to know people better rather than the busy show floor of a convention. Ian has his first IANteract dinner back in August at Affiliate Summit East and it was a big success so he has been having them at conferences that he has been going to ever since then.

Our dinner was held at Rum Jungle, which is located inside Mandalay Bay. It is home to the world’s largest rum bar measuring 144 feet long and 19 feet high. The food has a Caribbean-style theme to it. After looking at the menu I went with the Rodizio Fire Pit. It is a unlimited 5 course tasting menu comprised of rosemary, chili and garlic marinated angus beef sirloin, roasted garlic and sage marinated turkey breast with mango-habanero glaze, hot-smoked “mai-tai” cured salmon with tropical fruit relish, bacon wrapped jerk spiced chicken with guava-chipotle barbecue sauce, and roasted Spanish chorizo.

The reason they call it a tasting menu is because they bring out the 5 courses one by one and after the 5th you can tell them what one you want next. The food was amazing and you can’t complain about unlimited food, we kept on ordering for quite a while! Here are some photos, sorry I only had my iPhone and everyone was grabbing food as soon as it came!