Super Bowl Commercials 2012

Well I’m sure most of you tuned in yesterday to watch the Super Bowl. Congrats to the New York Giants for winning, it was actually a decent game this year. Since the Steelers were not in the Super Bowl I really was not that interested in the game, but as always I was interested in the commercials. I can’t even imagine what they are charging for ad spots during the super bowl these days, but I assume it is A LOT! Companies always try to create great commercials for the Super Bowl ad spot, what better way to get people to use your service or buy your product, especially with that many people watching.

Before I get into my favorite Super Bowl commercials of 2012, let me talk about some of the ones that did not make the list. While I was not impressed with the GoDaddy Body Paint commercial, it was the only ad that was really meant to drive traffic to their website, this has been a theme of GoDaddy for quite a few years now. GoDaddy’s second commercial had a QR code on it, do you really think I am going to walk up to my TV and scan that thing GoDaddy? C’mon! The Bud Light Platinum commercial was alright, but I did like that they used the hashtag #MAKEITPLATINUM. As someone said on Twitter hashtags are the new AOL Keywords.

I think my favorite commercial was one that was not even shown to US audiences. It was shown to Canada only. It was the Budweiser Flash Fans commercial. I would have much rather have seen this commercial than the other Budweiser commercials that were shown in the US!

The next ad that really caught my eye was the Best Buy Mobile Phone Game Changer commercial. This commercial was awesome because it showed the creators of many of my favorite iPhone and Android apps. Great way to get the attention of us geeks out there!

I think the only commercial that made me laugh this year was the M&M’s It’s that kind of party commercial. I’ll let you see why below.

I’m sure you can guess why I like the next commercial…Adriana Lima! But this commercial does a great job of keeping the male audience’s attention then promotes Teleflora, which is most cases guys will be sending girls flowers on Valentines Day, genius!

All of the movie trailers were awesome, except for the Disney one of course. The reason I did not include them on this list is because I have seen the trailers for all of these movies months ago. Also we did not see any commercials from Intel or Google, I always look forward to those. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2012. What were your favorites this year?