How To Throw a Good CES Party

The week of CES is a lot of fun and it seems like every night there are a few parties. CES parties are quite interesting because they are not like your typical party. Most of the people who work in the industry are not typically “party people” or at least not like the people who I party with on a regular basis. Because of this CES parties usually are not all that fun and are more or less networking events. I think that CES parties could be a lot more fun and I actually went to one this year that was a blast. Here are some tips on throwing a great CES party.

Venue – This is one of the most important things. If you have a bad venue your party is not going to be fun at all. I’ve been to parties in cramped hotel rooms and they are just not fun at all. Typically the better parties are thrown at clubs and large suites. Everyone tries to get into CES parties, I know I did my first few years when I was not invited to any! And they let me in! So you need to make sure the venue you pick can handle a lot of people, or be really strict on the guest list. More than likely the venue is something that most companies get right when planning a CES party.

Open Bar – This is a huge thing. If you are throwing at party you better have an open bar. It’s crazy to think, but I’ve actually been to CES parties where I had to pay for my drinks. This is just unacceptable. If I’m going to pay for my own drinks I would rather be at a bar or club talking to women!

Girls – Let’s face it, the industry is mainly made up of men. Getting girls to come to CES parties is a hard thing. Most companies normally hire girls for their parties, this is a good thing but you have to make sure these girls are very outgoing and make an effort to make sure everyone is having fun. Also whoever is organizing the party should make an effort to try and get the few females that do work in the industry to come, it just makes for a great mix of people.

Good Music / DJ – Music is what keeps the party alive. At the end of a long day of meetings we want to let loose and have fun. You need to have good music at your party for this to happen. So make sure you have a good DJ, not someone playing music on their iPod! A good DJ will keep thing up tempo and make sure everyone is having fun.

With all of that said there was one CES party this year that really had all of these things, it was the MSI Level Up Launch Party! Check out the video below of the party!

On a final note I’ve been slacking a little bit on finishing up my blog posts from my Las Vegas trip. I should be done with them this upcoming week and I have some great personal development posts coming, stay tuned!