The New Apartment

As I said in my May 2009 thoughts post I would show you guys my new apartment! The apartment is right around the Shadyside / Squirrel Hill area right off Fifth Ave. I really like this area a lot; it is right around the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham College so there is a lot of young people in the area. It also has some great restaurants and shops on Walnut street and Forbes Ave. in Squirrel Hill. This is probably the closest I’ve lived to the actual city of Pittsburgh, and technically we are inside the city limits. The area has a much more urban feel and I like that.

We live in an old house that has been converted into apartments, we have the entire second floor. We decided on this apartment because it had recently been renovated with central air and is all electric, which means no gas bill. Also it is quite large for the area. Here are some pictures of the new apartment.

The living room

The Kitchen, all new appliances and marble countertops

My roommate’s room

His bathroom

My bedroom

My bathroom

The office

My setup

It is nice finally having my own place again, although I was only stuck at my parents for a few months it was hard to get focused and get work done. The new place still needs a few things and we hope to make it more comfortable and relaxing, but for now it is great. This is a 3 bedroom apartment so we are using the master bedroom as an office so we have a place to get work done, and we can go into the living room or our bedrooms and relax. Separating work and relaxation is very important. If you have any questions about the new apartment feel free to ask!