If you haven’t noticed I have not been blogging that much at all.  Blogging is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing and I don’t plan on stopping.  The past few months have been a little weird for me that is for sure!  For a while I was having a real hard time sleeping, well falling asleep rather.  It was taking me 2-3 hours just to fall asleep.  Besides not being able to sleep I was very out of shape.  These things combined made it seem like the days would just go by and I was sort of in a trance.  My apartment was a mess, I was not eating right, hell I even had a semi beard!  Obviously this pattern was not healthy and I had to break out of it.  Here are some of the things I’m working on to better myself…

Normally I would go from being on the computer to bed. This is a really bad thing, it does not give my mind time to really relax. This is one of the causes that made it really hard for me to fall asleep. Now I read a book or watch a movie before I go to bed. This keeps my mind off work and when it is time for bed I can easily fall asleep. Also I am using a pretty cool sleep guide called Pzizz. They had offered a 60 minute guided sleep and a 20 minute power nap audio files for free so I decided to check them out. Let’s just say they really work! There is also an iPhone App which I will probably end up getting.

I’ve never been a person to go to the gym, it’s just not me. But I did know that never working out was catching up with me. I live within walking distance of one of the biggest parks in the city of Pittsburgh so I have been going there and running a few miles each day. I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen my photos! This gives me exercise that I need and as always it is great to get out of the house.

Working Smarter
One of my biggest problems I had during this time was the fact that I would just sit around and stare at my monitor for hours with no real direction. I needed to have a definitive to-do list for each day and I have been keeping one with TeuxDeux. I also make my list for the next day hours before I go to bed so I am not thinking about it. I am also working at least a day ahead on ThinkComputers. It is extremely stressful trying to get a review done the same day I need to post it. So now I am working a day ahead so I can have a review ready the night before so I’m not rushed to put it out the next day.

Taking a Personal Day
I never really take a day off, I always am doing something that has to do with my business. But every once in a while you need to just take a day to yourself and relax. The first personal day I took in a long time I cleaned my entire apartment, went out and bought healthy food and came up with a plan to change things around. Personal days are important and I plan to take one every once in a while when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Things have been going great since I’ve put this plan into motion. When you are your own boss it is very easy to get behind, lose focus and get into the same funk I was in. Just remember you can always get out of it!