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St. Pattys 2012 with Faded Industry!

I don’t know about you, but in Pittsburgh St. Patty’s day is a party day for sure! Even if you are not Irish. There are 3 main party spots for St. Patty’s day in Pittsburgh. You have Market Square downtown, Station Square and South Side. Usually you can only make it to one of those spots during the day. Well this year Faded Industry made it so you could experience all 3 spots in one day.

They rented a school bus that took us all around the city. We started in Station Square, I got down there around 9:30AM and met up with everyone. That is when the drinking started. From there we all piled on the school bus and headed up to Mount Washington where we got out and took a group photo on the lookout. Yes everyone in the photo was on the bus!

From there we headed towards downtown. Did I mention our school bus had a keg on it, a case of vodka and about 500 jello shots! It made for a very interesting ride, throwing jello shots out the window at people, filling squirt guns up with vodka and spraying people and just having a great time. We made it downtown and were able to spend about 2 hours there. Luckily we were able to catch part of the parade downtown. Downtown was packed with a ton of people.

After spending a couple hours downtown we got back on the bus and headed to South Side. It was packed as expected. We spent most of our time at S Bar and our course we ran into so many people we knew. Another couple of hours went by and we made it back on the bus for our final trip back to Station Square. By that time it was the late afternoon and most of us were beat! It was a great event put on by Faded Industry and made it possible for us to experience all of the great St. Patty’s day party spots all in one day. I really hope they have the event again next year.