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Lounge 5280 at the Denver Airport

On my recent trip out to Silicon Valley I connected both ways at the Denver International Airport and had lengthy layovers both ways. The first time through I noticed a cool looking bar called Lounge 5280. Since it was early in the morning and I did not feel like I drink I did not stop in and check it out, but on my return flight I sure did!

Lounge 5280 is located on the B concourse, at the Mezzanine (upper) level. The thing that really caught my attention when walking by the bar the first time were the smaller tables that sit along the railing. They have very comfortable tables and power outlets, which if you travel often you know are hard to come by at airports. So I walked in to 5280, sat at one of these tables, pulled out my laptop and took a look at the drink menu.

Lounge 5280 Wine Bar

I was actually surprised at how many different options there were, especially wine! If you travel a lot you know most places in airports will only offer and handful of beers and wines. Well 5280 has 52 hand-selected wines to choose from and also a long list of spirits and other alcohol. One page that caught my eye on the menu was the Colorado inspired cocktails page, which featured Colorado made or owned products. I decided on the Blackberry Lemonade which was Woody Creek Potato vodka, Leopold Brothers Blackberry liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon juice and Rocky Mountain Loveland limeade.

Lounge 5280 Wine Bar

My drink was made very quickly and once it was brought over I was set. I relaxed with my drink and started on my work. For a second it did not even seem like I was in a busy airport. Lounge 5280 also offers appetizers and small plates, but I did not try any.

If you happen to be in the Denver Airport check out Lounge 5820, I’m sure they will have something you’ll like!

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