iPhone Apps I used the Most – 2014 Edition

If you are like me your phone is with you at all times. I am using an iPhone 5s as my main phone and it actually keeps me pretty productive and able to keep updated with what is going on with all of my friends. I wanted to go through some of the apps I am using the most on my iPhone, so here we go!

1. Facebook – Yes I use Facebook daily, maybe too much at times. I not only use it to see what my friends are up to and to update you on my daily life I use it for business and networking as well.

2. Instagram – It is crazy to see how Instagram has grown over the past few years. If I am sharing photos it is normally done through Instagram.

3. Splashtop – This is a great remote desktop app I use for my systems at my house. I install the program on my systems at home and I can remotely access them anywhere I have service with my phone. It works great and is well worth the $2.99 price on the iTunes App store.

4. Lyft – Lyft has been in Pittsburgh since the beginning of this year and I happen to use it a lot. It is great for getting downtown so you don’t have to pay for parking or after a long night of drinking so you get home safe without getting a DUI.

5. Camera+ – This is a great app for editing photos. All of the filers and effects are really great, I’ve had this app for years!

6. Expensify – I use this to track all of my expenses for my business. It is extremely easy and keeps track of everything so I don’t have to save receipts.

7. Soundcloud – I have been using Soundcloud a lot lately to find new music. A lot of my favorite DJs are on there an upload unreleased tracks. You can follow me on Soundcloud if you want.

8. Twitter – Yes I still use Twitter! The iPhone app from Twitter works great and it is actually easy to manage multiple profiles. If you want to follow me on twitter you can!

9. Snapchat – While many people think Snachat is for sending certain “types” of photos to people, but it really has turned into a way to share your life in real time. I get snaps all day from my friends and the new “Live” section its just awesome! Add me on Snapchat: bobtv.

10. Timehop – One thing I always like to do is go back and read my old blog posts and look at old photos. Well Timehop is an awesome app for doing things like that. You connect it with your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and it shows you what you posted each day in history. I check this app daily!

So what iPhone apps are you using the most?