Logging the Hours This Week!

A while back I logged my hours and I came out only working 20 hours a week! This was back in 2007 so how many hours a week and I working now in 2011? Well at the end of the week we will find out! I feel like I am much more productive these days and I am getting more work done. This is a perfect way to see if I actually am! The main reason I am doing this is to see how exactly I am spending my days and which days I work the longest.

I am using an iPhone app called aTimeLogger to log my hours. This app is really cool and easy to use. If you want to keep track of anything such as work time, workout time, sleep time etc it is the perfect app and it saves all your data so you can look at it months later.

So how many hours do you think I will work this week? I am going to be tracking for a full 7 days. The average person works around 40 hours a week, so let’s see if I get around that mark. Anyways hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!