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Dinner at the Salty Dog Cafe

One place Adam told us we had to check out while in Hilton Head was the Salty Dog Cafe. It is located in an area called South Beach in the Sea Pines Plantation. South Beach sits on the Braddock Cove inlet, which actually makes for some nice scenery. We headed to the Salty Dog for dinner and were seated outside on the deck / dock area, which actually only had 3 tables.

It was great to sit out there and breath in the fresh air look out at Braddock Cove. The deck actually sits right by the marina there so you get a nice view of the boats as well. The Satly Dog is known for their seafood and we were at the beach so I knew I was definitely getting seafood! The actually had a chef’s special for the night, which was a Southern Steam Pot ($24.99). The steam pot included crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, kielbasa, potatoes, and corn.

When they brought it out I couldn’t wait to dig in! Everything tasted amazing, I couldn’t believe I finished the entire meal because it was so much food.

The Salty Dog Cafe on Urbanspoon

After dinner we walked around the South Beach marina where there were many different shops, restaurants and bars. It is definitely a very cool area and a great place to spend an evening. I had my camera with me and I was able to take some shots of the marina and surrounding area. They are below.

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