Biking Around Palmetto Dunes

The area where we stayed in Hilton Head was called Palmetto Dunes. Actually most of the island is separated into these little communities. Inside of Palmetto Dunes are many different resorts, condos and homes. One thing that was really great about most parts of the island are the bike paths. They go all over the island and you can be on them for hours. A lot of the time it seems like you are on an adventure because the trails take you through the woods or over waterways.

I was able to get out 2 of the days I was in Hilton Head to go biking. As I said the paths and trails go all over so you can really explore. They also allow you to check out some of the awesome homes in the area, and there are quite a few. One thing that is interesting about Hilton Head is that you are allowed to ride your bike on the beach, so if you wanted a fast way to explore the beach a bike is definitely the way to do it.

Besides just being able to explore riding a bike for a few hours was great exercise and felt great. If you plan on going to Hilton Head plan on bringing a bike if you can. If not there are plenty of places you can rent one.