A Great Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial day weekend is a huge deal here in Pittsburgh. It really marks the start of summer and the weather is usually great. For this reason many people have cookout’s and there is always so much do to around the city. For the past 5 years Faded Industry has held the white party. Just like the name says the idea of the white party is for everyone to wear white. I actually went to the white party for the first time last year and I definitely was going this year! I’m really good friends with the guys from Faded Industry so they invited me on a party bus. We took the party bus around the entire city before we went to Diesel, where the event was being help. We filmed the entire thing, check out the video below.

The white party was so much fun and after watching the video above I’m sure you will want to go next year! You can check out all my photos from the white party here.

After recovering from the white party I decided to have a party at my place. The last one I had was a huge success so why not have another one. About 50 people showed up and it was a great time. The party lasted to about 5am! I guess my friends know how to have a good time!

Memorial day this year was great and I hope I have more weekends like this over the short summer we have here in Pittsburgh!