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Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is slowly becoming one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas. When you walk in it has that cool feel, some of my best nights in Vegas have started at The Chandelier and Marquee is one of the best clubs in Vegas. This year I had the chance to eat at Wicked Spoon, which is the Cosmopolitan’s buffet.

The event was actually held by Thermaltake as a gathering of media and friends. Walking in it really has a different feel than many of the other buffets in Vegas, although you should expect that as the Hotel is only 2 years old. I was surprised at how much food there actually was, quite a lot to choose from. The photo below shows some of my plates, although I had about twice as many! I really did pig out!

One thing I really liked about Wicked Spoon was that many of the selections were served in cool little dishes or serving plates. This not only made each thing seem special but it allowed you to really try a lot of different things. Most buffets you just choose something and end up taking a lot of it and get full.

One thing that I really enjoyed were the mini salads. As many of you know I am a huge salad fan and they had a few different mini salads to choose from. My favorite was a sort of mixed green and herb salad that had little pieces of fish in it.

All of the meats were excellent. They had many different selections from ribs to chicken wings, but the two that I really enjoyed were the Prime Rib and bone marrow. Although I had to point to which bone marrow I wanted as many of them were overcooked.

There was an entire section of deserts. They had pretty much anything you could imagine, even a full selection of different ice creams. You just walk up and tell them which one you want and they put it in a nice little cup for you. Again so you can try more than one thing.

I ate so much that I did not even notice the crab legs. Apparently there were king crab legs at the buffet, but even though I missed them I was more than satisfied with everything. Each of the little dishes I selected had a very rich taste and were unique. The only thing I would say was weak was the sushi selection and soup, but again all of the other great food really made up for it.

If you are in Vegas and are looking to eat a lot and have an extremely large selection make sure you check out Wicked Spoon.

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