The CES 2013 Swag

Ah swag, you know the free stuff you get for attending conferences and events. I make this post every year after CES and I usually end up coming home with something cool. Out of all the events that I attend CES is where I know I will get the most swag. I actually plan for it by bringing an extra suitcase to take swag home!

Above you can see most of the swag I got this year, minus all of the t-shirts that went into the wash before I realized I needed them for this photo! With the shirts I normally wear them in my unboxing videos, so if you want your companies shirt in a video send me one!

The green and black bookbag was the press bag this year and it was not that bad. It sure beat the bag from last year! One thing I always look to get at CES are flash drives, I mean who can’t have enough flash drives right?! Some companies are very cheap and only give our their press released on 512MB drives, but this year I got a 32GB drive from Mushkin, a 16GB drive from Corsair and two 8GB drives from MSI.

The coolest thing I got this year was a Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet. I won it at the Cooler Master party, so it isn’t technically swag. I actually don’t even know what I am going to do with it. I already have a tablet…which I rarely use. Did you attend CES? How much swag did you get?