Turning 27….

Another year and another birthday, today I turn 27. 27 is much different from 26, at 26 I was just a year older than 25, at 27 I am getting closer to 30! As I get older I have been realizing a lot, but at the same time I have seen myself make the same mistakes over and over again. You have to remember though that each mistake is a lesson learned.

Anyways this past year has been a little tough, but the fun times have definitely outweighed the bad times. One thing I haven’t been doing as much is blogging. I have been saying I really want to blog more, but it just has not happened. As I have always said as you get older you realize who your real friends are and over the past year I have learned that lesson again. But at the same time I have met some really amazing people over the past year and I can call them my good friends.

One thing, which I had planned on doing for the past 2 years was branch out and start a new company. I’m not going to say the same or tell you about it (that’s for another post), but it is going well and it is really exciting to be working on something new. ThinkComputers is doing well and over the past month we have really done some great things to improve the site and ThinkComputers Community. Sometimes it is still hard to believe that something I started in highschool is my career. What is ever crazier is that I still love doing it and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

So what does this next year of my life mean to me? I think it is really time to put my foot down and take things to the next level. With everything that I am doing it seems like things are at a stand-still at times so I really need to put in the extra effort and take things to the next level. Here is to another year with great friends and running my own business’s!