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The I Am Still Music Tour Pittsburgh

A few weeks ago Pittsburgh hosted the I Am Still Music Tour featuring Lloyd, Keri Hilson, Far East Movement, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Recently I have been working with a local rapper named Frzy and he was picked to play at the VIP tent so of course he asked me to come along. I had no idea Live Nation was going to hook us up with a VIP box to watch the concert! The seats were perfect and I was really excited because I am a fan of most of the performers, especially Rick Ross. I really like Far East Movement’s “Rocketeer” song. They performed it as their last song with Lloyd.

My favorite performer of the entire concert was Rick Ross, I’ve been listening to him for the past 4 years and it was great to see him live. Here are 2 of his songs…

Lil Wayne went on last as he was the headliner of the show. His set was the longest and the stage effects and setup was really cool. At one point in the show they lowered a bridge down so he could come up in to the crowd. He was literally 5 feet from us!

The concert was awesome and a great was to relieve some of the stress of getting ready to move. More on that in a future blog post…