The #TIM07 Shipment from Quarterly

I have talked about Quarterly and the Tim Ferriss shipment that I am subscribed to a few times here on the blog. Well for those who don’t know Quarterly is not your typical box and month service. You get a box each quarter and the box is made up by a curator that you subscribe to. Since I’ve heard of Quarterly I have been subscribed to the Tim Ferriss box. I’ve read his books and his blog all the time so I usually find the items in the box useful.


Tim’s box is $100. Normally you get a lot for the $100 dollars with many of the products adding up to more than that. I did the math and the TIM07 shipments is worth $172.68. Here is a breakdown with Amazon Links.

What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars ($20.33)
Misfit Shine ($82.52)
Ciltep by Natural Stacks ($42.95)
Tumeric Ginger Tea from Rishi Tea ($16.95)
Grid-It Organizer ($10.13)

This box was great! I have a use for everything in the box. The product I started using immediately is the Misfit Shine activity and sleep tracker. It is interesting to see how much restful sleep I am actually getting and how active I am throughout the day. I have also used the CILTEP on days that I really need to get things done and it seems to work quite well.

What I learned loosing a million dollars I will be reading very soon. I love tea so getting the Tumeric Ginger tea was a treat. I have not used the GRID-IT yet, but as I travel more towards the end of the year I will definitely be using it.

This box was much better than TIM06, which I did not bother to blog about. I hope Tim keeps the good boxes coming! Check out Quarterly to see what they are all about!