The Net Vol. 8

Another busy week! As you may have noticed I sort of resurrected this blog. I was not updating that much at all, taking 3-4 day breaks between posts, but that is over. I will be making at least 4 blog posts a week if not more. Once again my biggest problem is time management, but I’m slowing learning to manage my time better. Also I now have a spark of motivation, hope it lasts. Let’s see what’s going on this week…

iPhone used the wrong way on TV
I was reading Pittsburgh’s own Justine Ezarik’s blog and she has a great post about how Hollywood is using the iPhone the wrong way. I’m many shows they are holding up like they are talking, but they are holding it the wrong way! Nice one Hollywood! This also happened on Bionic Woman too!

Crazy Hotel Perks
One of the main reason people pick certain hotels is for the perks, especially if money is not a big deal to you. Luxist has a great list of some of the craziest perks at some of the best hotels out there. Here are just a few, helicopter transfers between the airport, hotel, and shopping (Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi), an end-of-the-year gift from Tiffany’s for repeat customers (VX Beacon Boston), technology butlers available for handling every gadget crisis from cell phone chargers to internet crashes (Ritz-Carlton). Those are some crazy perks, hotels will do anything to keep you coming back!

The Wii Turns One
The Nintendo Wii is already a year old and it does not look like that Wii craze is going anywhere. It is really a great system and makes gaming fun for anyone not just gamers. It will be exciting to see what new things Nintendo has in store for us in the upcoming year. The holiday season has already seen some great games come out for the system, Guitar Hero, DDR, and Super Mario Galaxy. Happy Birthday Wii!!!

Apple Gets Creative with their Ads
Apple has always been creative with their ads and their latest one is great, you can see the video of it below. I have never seen anyone use the side skyscraper is conjunction with a top ad like Apple has done, great thinking. But I with exception of the iPhone and iPod’s I’m not an apple fan. I love this Dell XPS vs. Mac video! And yes I am a Dell XPS owner!