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Late Dinner at Truffles Cafe

Our first night on the island we were totally beat. All of us drove down from Pittsburgh and had been up for quite a while. We all passed out for a few hours and when we got up it was around 9PM. Driving around the island the first place we came upon was Truffles Cafe. There are actually two Truffles Cafe’s on the island, we went to the one on Pope Ave. Once inside I noticed it had a very upscale and modern feel, which I really liked. There was an outside deck though, and we decided to eat out there. Outside dining is something you rarely find in Pittsburgh so we had to take advantage.

Looking over the menu there was actually quite a lot. They have everything from steaks and seafood to pasta and burgers. Looking over the menu and being pretty hungry I went with the Cheese Tortellini ($15.95), which was black truffle infused alfredo sauce, parmesan, shiitake and cremini mushroom. They serve it with chicken or shrimp, I opted for the chicken.

The dish was great. I do not get pasta that often when I go out, but I was really surprised at the vibrant taste. Adam went with the Pimento Burger and Tim got the Pulled Pork Sandwich. They both enjoyed their meals and had no complaints. Adam and I both got their hand crafted real fruit lemonades. I went with mango and Adam went with the mixed berry. They were amazing and incredibly refreshing. They had real fruit in them too

Overall Truffles Cafe was a great first meal here on the island. It has a really great atmosphere and reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend it.

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