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Rethinking 2010

This year started off just like every year with the trip to Vegas for CES. That trip is a great way to start the year and gives me great motivation, but this year I didn’t seem as motivated from it. I’m really not sure why but starting in February I really started to ask myself the question, What am I doing with my life? I know running ThinkComputers is a full time job, but it just seemed like I could be doing more with my life. As I said before I started watching the Random Show and because of that I decided to pick up Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Work Week. Wow I’m not even half way through the book and I’ve had a total different outlook on life. So I’ve decided to rethink 2010 and here are some of my plans.

A Look at the New Office

Working from home running your own company is hard to do that job when you are not very comfortable sitting at your computer every day. If you didn’t know I am in Pittsburgh, PA and I run my websites out of my house. I have turned the extra bedroom into an office for. When I first moved in I had the room setup a completely different way than what it is now. Originally I had the 2 desks separated, one in each corner of the room. This really did not work at all, things just became too cramped and my desk was really cluttered. Mainly because I had my 4 external drives on the desk, which was not the best idea. Below is a photo of what my old desk looked like.

Mentioned in the New York Times

Back in January I wrote an article on ThinkComputers about this year’s experience at CES, where companies were getting thrown out of hotels because they did not register with the CEA. I also reposted the article on this blog as I wanted to share my experience with all of the readers here. About a week after the article was posted I was contacted by the New York Times, they interviewed me for about 30 minutes about the article and my CES experience this year compared to last year. I was pretty cool being interviewed, I have only been interviewed 2 other times and it was by websites, not a big publication like the New York Times. Here is a quote from the article…