Staying At The Mira Hong Kong

Back when I went on my trip to Hong Kong I had a chance to stay at The Mira. I was actually really impressed with the hotel and I had meant to write about it, but you know how that goes! The Mira is located in Hong Kong’s popular Tsim Sha Tsui area. This area is great for shopping, exploring, and you are just a few blocks from the famous Victoria Harbor.

I stayed in one of the Park View room which has a great view of Kowloon Park. Other rooms include city view and courtyard view, but I think the view of Kowloon Park was great.

The room itself has a pretty open design and they have really taken advantage of all the space. When you walk into your room immediately to your left you have a large closet, then a vanity and sink. This area is more than large enough to get ready for the night or day ahead of you. Moving over to the left you’ll see a large tub and if you go around the corner you’ll see the rest of the bathroom. It is pretty awesome that you get both a bathtub and a full-size shower. The shower was quite relaxing with its rain shower head design. It is the perfect thing after a long day of exploring or that long flight. If a rain shower head is not your thing there is a traditional shower head as well.

Moving into the rest of the room there is a massive bed! Since space is such a commodity in Hong Kong it was surprising to see such a large bed. It was extremely comfortable as well! I easily fell asleep each night I was in Hong Kong. Across from the bed there is a desk and TV mounted to the wall. The desk was perfect for me to get some work done and edit video for ThinkComputers. For those wondering the internet was plenty fast enough.

Talking about the internet the room comes with a free WiFi hotspot that you can take with you all around Hong Kong. This is great because I do not have international calling on my phone. So with the hotspot I could still use iMessage and all of my favorite social media apps while walking around Hong Kong. The room also comes with two free bottles of water each day.

Our room came with free breakfast each morning, which was setup sort of like buffet style. It was actually pretty good!

If you are looking at a place to stay in Hong Kong I can definitely recommend The Mira. It has great rooms, is in a great location, and having the WiFi hotspot is awesome!