Exploring Chicago…

The other week I had the chance to visit Chicago. I had only been to Chicago once before when I was younger with my Dad, but we were never really in the city. So this technically is my first time visiting Chicago. I love big cities and I consider Chicago one of the big metropolis-type cities in the US. The others that I have visited would be New York and San Francisco.

I arrived in Chicago on a rather nice day temperature-wise (for February) so it was the perfect day to go exploring. There are so many great buildings in Chicago. I walked all the way from the Near North Side area to Millennium Park where Cloud Gate or “the bean” is. It is actually cool how most of the lake-front area of Chicago is all parks or museums.

I love architecture and just walking around a big city like Chicago is a real treat. One it is cool to see such large buildings, something we really do not have a lot of in Pittsburgh. Secondly, seeing all of the different building styles and learning about their history is really interesting. You could spend hours shooting the different and unique buildings in Chicago.

The next day it was much, much colder so I took an Uber out to Addler Planetarium, where I could get a shot of the city…well part of it! I was really surprised at how blue the water of Lake Michigan was.

If you have the chance to go to Chicago or are even there on a business trip take a few hours to walk around the city, you’ll see quite a lot! Stay tuned for upcoming posts from this trip including some awesome restaurants I was able to go to!