Seeing Steve Aoki at Hakkasan

While I was in Las Vegas I had the chance to check out Hakkasan. It is one of the newest clubs in Vegas and I had yet to go to it. A bunch of industry friends were getting together to go and asked if I wanted to join. Steve Aoki was playing, and while I’m not a huge fan of his I did want to check out Hakkasan and get out for a little bit so I decided to go.

I really liked the layout of Hakkasan. The main floor has the DJ booth at the center with the “pit” for the crowd and then two rows of VIP tables towards the back of the room. On thing that I noticed about the tables on the floor is that they had them sectioned off from the pit area. I like this because if I get a table I want my own space and I don’t want to try and get through a crowd of people to get back to the table. We ended up getting a table upstairs that overlooked the entire main floor.

Steve Aoki’s set was ok I guess. Nothing really jumped out as amazing to me. I get that this is a resident club gig and he probably plays the same set over and over again, but last year Markus Schulz killed it at Marquee. Also I am not sure what the big deal is with the whole getting caked thing? I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to have cake all over me all night. Anyways here are some videos I took.

I would definitely go to Hakkasan again to party, probably would pick a different DJ to see though. But the night was still great because I was able to party with friends who I only get to see just a few times a year.