San Francisco Day 2

Day 2 in San Francisco gave me a lot of time to explore the city. I went walking around with my friend Jack, who is from San Diego so SF is new to him too. We first headed down into the city on the BART train. It is cool that even if you live far away from the city you can easily get into the city without driving. This is great for people who have moved out to SF and don’t have a car, it also is good for people who just want to save time and money. After getting into town we headed to the big mall. The mall is HUGE and has almost every store imaginable. Nordstrom’s takes up the top 3-4 levels and the way it is designed is really cool.

After eating at the mall we decided to explore the city a little bit. We checked out Yerba Buena park. It was really cool that it was right in the city. It would be a great place to go and get some work done on a nice day. We kept on walking and discovered China town. I had never been to any China town before so we had to check it out. China town was very interesting, there were all types of crazy stores and restaurants. It was really cool to see all of the different herb and tea shops and the buildings looked really cool.

Once we were done exploring China town we met up with some more friends and went out to eat. We went to a place called Gordon Bierch, which is a brewery as well as a restaurant. Since it was a brewery I decided to try one of their beers, I went with the Blonde Bock and it was really good. The food was pretty good too. Gordon Bierch is right by the bay so I finally got to see some water!

Since my friend who lives in San Francisco is originally from Pittsburgh he decided to take us around and show us some sights. We went over to golden gate bridge but it ended up being to foggy to even see the bridge! The fog comes in really quick here, it was really surprising. Since we didn’t get to see the bridge he took us down Lombard street. Lombard is the street with all of the curves in it. You can only go down it like 5MPH! All of the houses on the street are really nice too, although pulling your car out of the garage on the street would be a pain in the ass.

Day 2 in San Francisco was awesome I can’t wait to venture out today, I will be going to the offices and checking out fisherman’s Warf.