PodCamp Pittsburgh 4

This past weekend I spend Saturday and Sunday at the Art Institute downtown. Well what was I doing down there? I was at PodCamp! PodCamp is a free conference that has been put together to help people learn about podcasting, blogging, social media and more. I’ve heard of PodCamp for quite a while and really wanted to go to the one last year but other things came up. Once I found out the dates for this year’s event I definitely made time to go.

This is was the fourth year they have held a PodCamp in Pittsburgh so the organizers really knew what they were doing. If you have never been to a conference like this you basically sit in on sessions and learn from the speakers. There were a lot of really great sessions this year, most of the ones I attended were on blogging, but I also went to a few on social media and branding. It was great to hear other people’s knowledge and insight on topics I just knew a little about.

The best thing about conferences, especially local ones is the networking that you can do. Having an event were most of the people there are interested in blogging and social media you really can’t pass up the chance to meet new people and network. You might end up working together on a project or doing business with people you meet at a conference. Another great thing about going to a conference is that it gives you motivation to keep on working on your blog or website. After going to PodCamp I feel very motivated to keep on blogging.

Over the next week or so I will be doing a few blog posts about some of the sessions I went to so stay tuned for that. PodCamp is not just a local Pittsburgh thing they have them all over the world! Check out the PodCamp website for a listing of upcoming PodCamps! Thanks to everyone who made this year’s PodCamp Pittsburgh great!