My iPhone 4 Buying Experience

Well I finally went out and got a new iPhone 4. My iPhone 3G has been getting slower and slower since I put the new iOS4 on it and it was just getting annoying so I went to my local Apple store to get the new phone.

I went to the Apple Store at South Hills Village Mall and walked right in. When I entered I was greeted and I asked if they had iPhone 4’s and sure enough they did. The Apple store employee then took me over to one of the iMac’s and asked if I wanted the 16GB or 32GB. After I told him he put the order in and said the phone will be out in about 3 minutes.

Then he took out an iPhone with a scanner on it and he started asking for my information and phone number etc. He put it all into the iPhone and while we were doing that someone brought the iPhone out from the back. He then went ahead and scanned the 3 barcodes on the back of the phone. Once that was done he asked how I wanted to pay and I said with my credit card. He scanned it right on the iPhone and asked for my e-mail to send the receipt to.

He asked if I wanted to set the phone up there, but I told him I was going to set it up at home. After that he put my new phone in a bag and I was all set and ready to go.

I thought that it was pretty cool that he did my entire sale and everything all on an iPhone. No waiting in line at the “check out” or dealing with 2-3 different people in the store. Just 1 person that could do everything simply because he has an iPhone that can do the entire process.

So now I have an iPhone 4 and I’m really enjoying it! If you are thinking about selling your iPhone 3G or 3GS to get an iPhone 4 I was able to sell my 8GB iPhone 3G on Craigslist for $175, so my new phone only cost $25!