My First GXL Experience

This past weekend I made my way out to Philly to check out one of the largest LAN parties on the east coast, theGXL. I have been going to LAN parties for quite some time, but for the past few years I really have not gamed that much therefor I did not attend many LAN parties. I have been wanting to get more people involved with ThinkComputers and what a better way to do that than set up a booth at a LAN party. We did it at the latest Pittco event and it went really well so we decided to do it at theGXL.

Our booth was setup with 3 of our test machines. This way we could show off some of the products we review and when people come over to the booth to check them out they can learn more about the site. The event was actually a dual event help by both theGXL and the TooManyGames 2011 Expo. The Expo was a really cool place where you could find all kinds of old video games, video game art and much more.

The event went really well and I met a lot of great people. If you are looking for a great LAN party to check out theGXL should be on your list! We will be at the next event!