Lulu’s Noodles

A few weeks ago I got a chance to get some Pho again, but this time it was not at Pho Minh. This time we decided to check out Lulu’s Noodles. Lulu’s is located on Craig Street, which is right between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Unlike Pho Minh, Lulu’s is a much larger restaurant seating probably 30-40 people. One thing that I liked about it was the atmosphere, it is very open, just tables inside no booths. Also because of its location between 2 major universities there were a lot of college students there.

Now Lulu’s does not just serve Vietnamese style food they serve a mix of Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The menu is quite large and they do specialize in bubble tea. I decided to get the Pho because we were originally supposed to go to Pho Minh anyways.

The Pho was good, not bad for a more mainstream place. It was definitely better than my first Pho, but not as good as Pho Minh. I want to go back to Lulu’s and try many of their other dishes because it is one of the only places in Pittsburgh where you can get those dishes.