Let’s Get Back to Blogging!

I always say this, but damn I haven’t blogged in awhile! Each time I make some excuse like being busy, working on other projects, etc. There really should not be an excuse. This blog is a reflection of myself and as someone that should be promoting his business through his own personal brand (this blog) I am doing a pretty horrible job!

When I first started my blog in 2005 I wanted to share my experiences, but personal and business related with everyone. It was great to have friends and a community of people that would comment on my posts and keep up with what I was doing. Even more it felt really good to help people out there were starting their own online businesses. Face it…I miss blogging!

So here is another refresh! As you can see there is a new updated theme on here. Let me know your thoughts on it. We will get into it in a future posts.

As I said I always liked helping people out. So many people always tell me I wish I could do what you do. Well the truth is you can! It takes hard work and determination, but you can do it. So what am I proposing? Each Friday I will be posting a business / internet related blog post. These will be focused on building an online business, social media, internet marketing, how-to’s etc. Doing 4 posts a month is something I think I can handle and having them go live each Friday means you know when they will be going up!

So why should you listen to me or read my blog posts? Well back in 2005 I took a leap and quit college to start ThinkComputers.org. That has been my full-time job since then and I couldn’t imagine doing something else. I make a comfortable living off of the internet and have been doing so for 10 years. So that’s worth something right? Maybe I can help you make an extra $100 or even $5000 a month off the internet. I just want to guide you in the right direction.

So expect a new post to help you make money online each Friday. I will also still keep the blog updated with personal posts and my random thoughts as well. So if you want to keep updated make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or you could follow me on twitter.