How Did 2014 Go For Me?

Looking back at my 10 Things I Could Have Done Better in 2013 post I am seeing that I was able to accomplish many of the things on the list and it turned out to be a much better year for me. Let’s cover a couple and see what I did to take them happen!

Delegate More – I have slowly been bringing more people into ThinkComputers and it has taken some of the load off of me. Still not where I want to be as far as just managing the site, but it is a work in progress.

Travel More – This year I went many more places than I did last year. I think that the big thing for me was it was the last year of my 20s so I really wanted to have a great year.

Help More People – This is one thing that I have really concentrated on this year. I have helped people start online businesses, start blogs and just help people out in general. It is a good feeling to help other people and I hope to continue in 2015.

Do more things for myself – This was definitely the year for doing things for myself. If I wanted to do something I just did it! It felt really good and I had the best summer of my life this year. This past year has really been one of the best ever and I hope to keep everything rolling in 2015.

So it looks like things have been pretty good for me this year, but stay tuned I will be doing my yearly recap of the things I was pretty bad at in 2014. How was your 2014?