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10 Things I Could Have Done Better in 2013

Well 2013 is coming to a close and it is that time that I reflect on the year and think of the things I have kicked ass at and the things I could have done better. 2013 was actually the best year for business since I started my own business, which is good, but like anyone I still made mistakes and could have done many things differently, and more importantly better. So this will be the first post going over the 10 things I could have done better in 2013, which will be followed up with the 10 things I kicked ass at in 2013 in a future post.

So what could I have done better in 2013?

1. Delegate More – My plan for ThinkComputers is to turn my role into a more of a manager. I need to be actively searching for reviewers and writers to take the brunt of the work off of me. I had planned to do this in 2013, but it really did not happen. Hopefully I will be more successful with it in 2013.

2. Be a better judge of character – I try to see the best in people, but in reality many people are just not good people. In both my personal life and in business in 2013 I’ve had people screw me over. I think in 2014 I need to really be a better judge of character and if I see a red flag I need to get out!

3. Travel More – I did not travel nearly as much as I wanted to in 2013. There really was no reason for this actually. I guess I just thought I was “too busy” which was just a dumb excuse. I already have great travel plans for 2014!

4. Be Productive not Busy – This is a huge one. Many days I feel like I’m working all day long, but am I really? I need to be more productive in 2014, not just “busy”.

5. Do not take on too much work – One thing I really did bad in 2013 was take on a lot of work. I accepted way too many products for ThinkComputers and because of that the turn-around time for the reviews was just bad. I also took on other projects that I shouldn’t have. In 2014 I need to not take on more than I can handle.

6. Blog More – Yes I know, this blog has been off and on all year. Lately I have stepped it up with the new design and some really good posts. I hope to keep it going in 2014.

7. Help more people – One thing that I did not do as much in 2013 was help people out. Again I gave the excuse that I was “too busy”. Many people I know want to start their own companies and I want to be there to help!

8. Keep in touch with more people – I sort of lost touch with many bloggers and other internet friends over the past year. Maybe it has been because I have been “busy” but in 2014 I need to fix that.

9. Read More – I really have not kept up with my reading at all. I only read two books in all of 2013! On top of that I really have not been keeping up with blogs at all either. This needs to be fixed in 2014!

10. Do more things for myself – It seemed that for most of 2013 I was doing things for other people. This was an easy way to get taken advantage of. I rarely did things for myself or things that I knew would really make me happy in 2013. In 2014 that all is changing!

Well those are 10 things I could have done better in 2013! Stay tuned for a post about the 10 things I kicked ass at in 2013!