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Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas

If you noticed earlier in the year I did not talk about my annual trip to Las Vegas. I was so busy I really did not get around to talking about it. Of course like I said I am trying to blog more so I definitely wanted to share my experience at one of the newest restaurants in Las Vegas, Gordon Ramsay Steak.

It turned out that one of my old friends Ian was going to be in Vegas the last two days I was there so we decided to go to dinner and catch up. He let me pick the restaurant and being a huge Gordon Ramsay fan and hearing that his first Las Vegas restaurant just opened I opted for Gordon Ramsay Steak.

It is located inside the Paris Hotel. It features 274 seats which includes a large bar area, and private dining room. We were seated in the private dining room, which I guess would be good for meeting etc, but the atmosphere in there was not that great. But of course we were here for the food! Ian invited some other guys as well, there were about six of us total. Before we ordered they brought around a display of the different types of steaks they offered. It was actually pretty cool and they answered any questions you had about the food.

Looking at the menu I went for the 18oz New York Strip Steak ($63). Like most steak houses everything is a la carte so we all picked a side as well. I decided on the loaded baked potato ($12). Our food eventually got to us, but it did take longer than normal.

Well it was definitely worth the wait! My steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and had a very distinctive taste to it. It was for sure one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life! So many steaks you get all taste the same, but this one was different.

My loaded potato was good as well. You really cannot mess up a potato! The pieces of bacon they used were HUGE! While my potato was good, the best side I tasted was the mac & cheese which is made with blue, cheddar, and parmesan cheeses with truffle oil.

Overall I was pretty impressed with Gordon Ramsay Steak and would definitely return. Although next time I think I would prefer to sit in the main dining room.

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