Finally on Flickr

I’ve had a free pro Flickr code for some time now, well I finally cashed it in. For those who don’t know Flickr is a place where you can store photos online and people can view them, leave comments, etc. I always like to get feedback on pictures I take or just some funny comments so since I had some free time I setup my account.

I was surprised how easy it was to upload a lot of photos at once. Flickr does have a web based upload system, but they also have a program where you can just drag and drop photos and click upload and they are there. Also if I have a large photo I don’t need to resize it, Flickr will do it for me. I wasn’t going to resize 100 old photos just to upload them to Flickr!

So I have my account setup and have added a bunch of older photos. I hope to keep up with it and add a few photos each week. I used to have random photos from my ThinkComputers Gallery on the side of the blog, but no one really would comment on them so I have added the Flickr badge that shows 10 random photos of mine. Feel free to add comments on my photos and add my as a contact!