Why is brainstorming important? I think for me it allows me to come up with quality posts and content. I see a lot of bloggers writing impulse posts. These are quick posts that they have thought up that day and post right away. Now there is nothing wrong with impulse posts, but I feel that the long though out and written well posts are better. With this blog most of my personal posts are impulse posts, I do something fun and I write about it. But when I am writing a post about business or blogging I usually take the time to think out each post and take my time writing it.

Write Things Down
The first and most important part to my brainstorming is coming up with ideas for posts. When I do any type of brainstorming I usually try to find a relaxing place in my townhouse and sit down with a notepad. The first things I write down are the possible topics I want to write about. Writing things down is always important. Sometime I think of a great idea when I’m out, but then when I get home I totally forget about it. So it is always important to write things down.

Think out the whole post
Besides just thinking about the topic of the post there are a few other things you might want to write down about the posts. I usually write down the main things that I want to point out in the post and also the post length. These sort of give me a guideline for my writing. I know when I have a topic I start writing and sometimes don’t know where to go after a certain point so having those guidelines make writing easier.

Time Management
Brainstorming helps me out a lot with time management. I know I get a lot of IM’s from fellow bloggers saying, “What should I blog about today?”. Since I have a good list of topics to write about I don’t have to take the time each day to come up with topics. Usually I take one day a week and think up about 7-10 topics that I can write about for that week. Also having the list of topics gives me some choice, because sometimes I will think of a topic, but I know the post will take quite a while for me to write so I will pick a shorter topic instead then work on the longer one over a few days. This way I will have a steady flow of posts, not missing any days.

Brainstorming is a very valuable tool in any type of business. It is always better to think things about before you do them.