Dinner and Phantom of the Opera

There are so many CES parties, but they are mostly all the same. This year LiteOn and AOC did something different. These 2 companies went out of their way to really treat us. First they took us to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. I had not been to a show since high school so I wasn’t sure if I would like Phantom or not. After seeing Phantom I was very impressed. The special effects and staging was amazing, I would definitely pay money to see it again. I am used to low production shows in Pittsburgh, but this is Vegas! If you are in Vegas be sure to check out Phantom of the Opera or any show for that matter.

After Phantom of the Opera we were taken to Zeffirino at the Venetian. They had a special menu for us. It was a 5-course menu, I’ve never had a 5-course meal before. I have had a 3-course with John last year, but never a 5 course. The menu started with an appetizer of cherries of mozzarella with speck. Then for our pasta we were served Pafutelli Zeffirino in a pesto cream sauce. Our salad was a spring mix salad. For the entrée you had a choice of medallions of beef with Barolo sauce, grilled Chilean sea bass with rosemary sauce, or chicken princess with peppers, asparagus and cheese. I went for the beef. Dessert was a tray of mini pastries. All the food was great, the beef was very tender, my knife went right though it. The dessert tray was cool too, it had the AOC & LiteOn logos on it, both of which were edible. Here are some photos…

I want to thank LiteOn and AOC for putting on such a great event. You really went all out!