December Thoughts

December was crazy for me! It was crazy busy with reviews at ThinkComputers and just the holidays. Also a lot of my friends were home from school so I took some time out to see all of them. I only managed to pump out 9 posts, which was actually 1 less than last month. My time management was horrible this month, but I really needed to concentrate on ThinkComputers and getting everything scheduled for CES, which is a really stressful. Out of the 9 posts I did last month my favorite was Do it Yourself, with some help from the Internet. In that post I talked about 4 people who have really made a name for themselves using the internet, I love stories like that.

Popular Posts
So what were the popular posts in December? Here are the top 5…

It’s good to see that some of my older posts are still getting good traffic, and it looks like writing about iPhone apps generates good traffic as well.

Traffic Sources

Once again you see social networks in my the top traffic sources, they will bring you traffic!!

Top Commentators
Not much conversation going on in December, but we do have the regulars.

The top commentators were Play Games Win Prizes, Kitchen Cabinets, Josh Zehtabchi, acai berry diet, and Colin Dean.


Moving on to January
Well it’s a new year and that means CES is right around the corner! I will be blogging my trip (when I have time), so you will see all of the action in vegas! I also hope to get in more than 9 posts in January!