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10 Things I Could Have Done Better in 2014 (And How I Plan to Fix Them)

2014 is coming to an end and it is time to reflect on the year I’ve had and look forward to what is to come in 2015. I have already listed the 10 things I kicked ass at in 2014, so it comes the time to think about my mistakes and the things I could have done better in 2014. In addition to just listing the things I could have done better this year I am actually going to tell you how I plan on fixing them! So let’s get started!

1. Time Management – This is something I still struggle with. I like to procrastinate and it seems sometimes I never get things done that I need to. So how do I plan on fixing it? First each day I am going to make a real to-do list. I was using a few websites to do this, but I find that having a real to-do list works for me much better.

2. Was easily distracted – This has a lot to do with time management. I always hate getting distracted by Facebook, YouTube, an interesting article online, etc. I plan to remedy this by not having any of these sites of social media open when I am working. Get my work done, then I can check back up on these sites. Also if I stumble across and interesting article or something like that I am going to bookmark it and get back to it later once my work is done.

3. Did not put out my best work – This is something that I really regret doing in 2014. Many of the reviews I wrote in 2014 were rushed and were not my best work at all. I did not put my all into them and it shows in the writing. I have been working on this and I am only going to put out my best work from now on. I had been having trouble getting in the “writing” mood and have had writers block, but I have found some ways to get around that which I will cover in an upcoming blog post.

4. Exercise & Working Out – This yeah I was quite lazy when it came to working out and keeping in shape. This has obviously showed and I do not like it. I have slowly been going back to the gym and that is a start. I want to make it a point to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week, but I really want to get back to where I was going once a day in the morning before I start work. It has started, but I need to stick with it!

5. Not a lot of variety in my travel – As I said in my post about the things I kicked ass at this year I did travel a whole lot more. This is great, but there was not a whole lot of variety in my travel. Most of my trips were on the east coast and I went to the same places more than once. No tropical beaches, nothing overseas, etc. I definitely want to make my way overseas this year and experience other cultures.

6. Sort of became lazy with business – This year while business was good I sort of got lazy with it. I was making a comfortable living, but I did not strive for more. I should have been striving for more all year and I need to keep that mindset always. In 2015 I need to key my eye on the prize and keep building the business and working on it each day.

7. Did not blog as much as I would have liked – Over the past month I have blogged quite a lot, but over this past year I did not blog at all really. I think now I am in a real comfortable place where I enjoy blogging much more. Also setting up my weekly e-mail newsletter sort of makes me accountable for actually having at least one new blog post a week. Also I am now dedicating one night a week to come up with new blog ideas as brainstorming.

8. Drank way too much caffeine – This is actually pretty sad. There was a point in time this year where I HAD to get an AMP Energy drink every morning before I started work. Energy drinks like that are not that great for you. Over time this made me believe the only way I could be productive is if I went and got an AMP, it became a really bad habit. I hope to remedy this by drinking more tea and only drinking an energy drink or coffee once or twice a week if that.

9. Did not take a lot of time for myself – I have always enjoyed some alone time and time to clear my head. This year it seemed I really did not do this as much. I always loved going for a long walk around Schenley Park to clear my head and come up with ideas for my businesses. I plan on trying to do this (when weather permits) or some form of time by myself relaxing, brainstorming or clearing my head at least once a week.

10. Have not delegated as much as I should – As much as I love reviewing computer hardware I still want to be more of a manager of things at ThinkComputers. Since reviews are taking up a lot of my time I have less time to work on other areas of the site which have suffered this year. I have brought on one new reviewer in the past couple of months and I hope to bring more on after the craziness of CES.

So lets hope that in 2015 I work on these problems and have an even better year than 2014! Have a great day everyone!