Backupify – Secure Your Online Life

I use many online services and I’m sure you do too. If you don’t think you do you probably at least have a Facebook account. So you put tons of photos on there, write long notes, get tagged in photos etc. What if for some reason Facebook crashed and you lost all of those images and other important things on Facebook? This is very unlikely to happen, but it is always good to have a backup of everything. This is where Backupify comes in. It’s a service that backs up many cloud services and for a limited time (till Jan 31st) the service is free.

The Services
So do you use a service that Backupify supports? They have all the big online services covered, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Gmail, Google Docs, Flickr, and WordPress. Other services include Delicious, Zoho, Photobucket, Basecamp, Blogger and Hotmail. They also have support for YouTube, Xmarks, Rss Feeds, and Tumblr coming very soon.

How It Works
Getting Backupify setup is pretty simple. All you do is create an account and go to the settings tab. There it will list all of the services. Then you go ahead and click on what service you want to back up, enter your credentials and hit create. You can also select how often Backupify backs up your data. You can select weekly or daily backups and you can have them e-mail you a digest of what gets backed up.

So when Backupify starts backing up your files you can go in and see what all has been backed up. Just click on the Archives tab at the top then select your service. Depending on the service the files will be backed up differently. They make a nice PDF for Twitter updates. Other things are stored in .xml files or things like photos are simply backed up.

Sign up Fast
As I said Backupify is currently free, after January 31st the service will go back to a paid pricing structure. If you signup during this free period your account will remain free and unlimited. Even if they do not support your service you should sign up. They are planning on adding many services in the future and you can’t beat it since it’s free!