January 2010 Thoughts

Wow it’s already a month into 2010! January was a really crazy month for me as I was in Las Vegas for CES. I tried to fill everyone in on my trip, but I still have 3-4 posts to publish, so stay tuned for those. Out of the 9 posts from January my favorite would have to be My 2009 Year In Review. It is always good to look back and see what you were doing and having a blog enables you to look back. That is why I love blogging, from time to time I will go back and read my old posts to remember fun times, get new ideas, and just to look at old photos. That’s just another reason to start blogging if you haven’t already.

Popular Posts
So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Awesome that the PodCamp articles are getting some traffic!

Traffic Sources

Nice to see some new traffic sources up there!

Top Commentators

The Top commentators for January were Caterers Sydney, Voyage Montreal, Bathroom Wall Floor Tiles, Colin Dean & Michael Kwan.


I’m sort of disappointed that my twitter numbers went down.

On to February
As I said I still have a few CES and Vegas posts to publish and I want to blog about a ton of other things so let’s see if I can get February’s post number in the double digits!