5 iPhone Apps July 2011 Edition

If you are anything like me you carry your iPhone with you everywhere and it is more than just a phone. To me it is my way of connecting with the world when I don’t have access to a computer. There are a ton of iPhone Apps out there, but what ones am I using the most and why? Here are the top 5 iPhone Apps I use the most right now.

Foursquare – If you don’t know what Foursquare is then check out this post. I use Foursquare to “check-in” places and I really like it that now you are able to have it update your Twitter and Facebook as well as allow you to upload a photo as well.

Instagram – This App really came out of nowhere. I’ve had it for a while, but until recently I really had not used it that much. I mainly used twitpic to share files on twitter. Instagram is a photo sharing App that allows you to add cool effects to your photos. It really makes them look awesome and people can follow you on the app. You are also able to share your photos on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, and Tumblr. You can check out some of my photos from Instagram here.

Facebook – Of course this would be on the list. I always have to check Facebook a few times a day. The iPhone app works great for that if I am not at a computer.

Tiny Tower – I’m not a huge fan of single player games on the iPhone, but this game is very brilliant. Tiny Tower is a game where you build a tower floor by floor. Residence move in and as you create floors you create jobs from them etc. I have to play this game every night before I go to bed, so I suggest you try it out!

RunKeeper – I have been doing a lot of running lately, since I live right next to Highland Park. RunKeeper is a great App that tracks how long you have been running, uses the GPS on your phone to track you and even tells you how many calories you have burned. It not only can be used for running, but other activities like Cycling, Skating and even Snowboarding. Everything is saved online and you can view each activity. Here is a run I did just the other day.

Have a really cool app you think I would like? Let me know in the comments!