$355 For an E-mail Address!

Now I thought domains were a big market especially when new popular products are announced. I remember all of the domains that sprung up for the Playstation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 when they were announced. There were tons of auctions going on over at Sitepoint. Well the biggest product announcement right now is the iPhone. There are tons of domains for sale with “iPhone” in the name, but I did not think people were selling e-mail address’s with “iPhone” in them. Well even if they were I did not expect one e-mail address to sell for $355!! The e-mail address is iPhone_Wholesalers@yahoo.com. I’m not sure if people bidding thought the auction was for an actual iPhone although the auction clearly states that it is for the e-mail only. You rarely see domains going for that much, especially since there are tons that are almost the same. Who knows, wonder who actually paid $355 for a single e-mail address!