10 Things I Kicked Ass at in 2014

Well December means it is the month of lists. I have already gone over how I thought my year went, but I figured I would give you the list of 10 things I kicked ass this year, before I list the 10 things I could have done better. It is always good to see progress so let’s see what all I was good at this year.

1. Travel! – This year I sure went on a lot of different trips! Travel is always such a great experience. I urge anyone who is going through a rough time or dealing with a problem to travel. It is a great release and gives you the ability to really clear your head.

2. Building Business – Again I’ve had a great year with business. ThinkComputers continues to grow and I have slowly started doing a little consulting and I started a brand new website! No only does great business bring more money, but it also makes you feel great!

3. Was there for my friends – It seemed almost all of my close friends went through something crazy this year. Each time I always tried to be there for them as much as I could, just as they have done for me in the past.

4. Did things that made myself happy – If there was something I wanted to do this year I just did it. If you want to be happy with yourself you need to do things for you. This year was all about that for me.

5. Stopped making excuses – If something was not going my way or I did something wrong I would make some excuse up. This year I stopped making those excuses and faced my problems or took the blame for my mistakes.

6. Read More – I have read so much more this year. Whether it was books or blog posts I was always reading something before I went to bed.

7. Made new friends – It is pretty crazy to think of how many new friends I have made this year. I guess I have sort of grown out of the whole clique thing. If someone is a good person to me I will be friends with them no matter what.

8. Continued to eat Healthy – For the most part I have continued to eat pretty healthy. I mainly eat chicken, steak, fruits, veggies, rice and quinoa. Trader Joes I love you! Haha!

9. Listen and take criticism – Normally when someone would say something to me about one of my sites or something personal I would more or less just ignore their criticism. Now I actually take it to heart and try and understand where they are coming from. From this I can make changes or do things to better my business.

10. Was a good person – I think this year really changed me. I really started caring about people are not just myself. I did things for other people, helped them, tried to cheer them up, etc. It is such a great feeling knowing you made someone’s day or walking into a place and seeing a smile on someone’s face or them coming up to hug you.

So those are 10 things I really kicked ass at this year. No one is perfect though, stay tuned for my listed of things I could have done better this year!