Working from Panera Bread

I have talked about working from Starbucks before and some other coffee shops, but nowhere else really. The main reason for that is that I usually want coffee when I’m working and in Pittsburgh there really are not that many places you can go, bring a laptop, and get on the internet unless you have an EVDO card. Also so many places do not give you a real relaxed atmosphere to work in. I have really never been to a Panera Bread before going to one with my friend Brittany a few months ago. After going there for the first time I realized it is the perfect place to work at. Since moving back home I have been going to the Panera Bread on Mcknight road. It is one of the biggest Panera’s that I’ve been to! It has a ton of seating, booths, nice chairs, a fireplace, and even a conference room!

As I said I have been at the Panera on McKnight a lot mainly because I have been meeting with my friend Carley to help her out with her blog. She just got into blogging so I have been helping her out getting her blog setup and showing some tips and tricks that I know. It is always good to teach people new things and get them into blogging. Panera is great because it offers free WiFi, you don’t even have to buy anything, but I normally grab at least a coffee. At Starbucks I am only limited to the 2 hours I get with my Starbucks card, so having unlimited times is nice, especially if I need to get out of the “office” for a day and work from somewhere else. Another great thing I like about Panera is the food. As I said I have been trying to eat healthier and Panera offers food that is much better for me than stopping at some fast food place.

With the relaxed atmosphere, free WiFi, and healthy food Panera bread is a great place to work from.