Vietnam’s Pho

[ad#right]I’ve become a big fan of Pho over the past few years, from my first Pho in Vegas to finding out about Pho Minh in Pittsburgh. I was browsing the Pittsburgh Tweetup website and I noticed they had a Pho event coming up. My first thoughts were that it would be held at Pho Minh, but it was scheduled to be at a place called Vietnam’s Pho. Being a big fan of Pho I was surprised I had never heard of Vietnam’s Pho before. I looked it up and they even had a website! I definitely wanted to check it out so my friend Colin and I headed down for the Tweetup.

Vietnam’s Pho is located on Penn Ave. in the Strip district and by 8PM we were able to find a parking spot right in front of the place. Inside we were greeted by a very helpful staff and to my surprise it was very nice inside. The staff was nice enough to pull tables together to fit our entire group. I ordered the #11 which is the Pho Tai-Sach, which has beef and tripe in it. I’ve really come to enjoy tripe in my Pho. In no time at all our food was done and we were served. Just like most Vietnamese places the portions were quite large and the food was great. It definitely contends with Pho Minh, but I haven’t been there in quite some time so I really cannot compare the 2 yet. I would recommend that anyone looking for good Pho in Pittsburgh try Vietnam’s out. I need to go back and try some of their other dishes! Here after some photos of the food and our group.