Pho Minh in Pittsburgh

It has been a while since I had my last Pho, and that experience was not authentic according to John Chow. He said you need to go to small place not a place in a Vegas hotel. I have been craving Pho, especially since the guys go each week. Now there are not many Pho places to choose from in Pittsburgh, but I had heard good things about Pho Minh so fellow ThinkComputers staff writer Colin and I headed down there for dinner.

Pho Minh is right on Penn Ave. in Bloomfield. It is not very big at all, walking into the place there are maybe 20 seats at most. We seated and our order taken right away. I ordered the normal Pho, but with added steak. Colin ordered Pho with beef and chicken (next time I will remember the names). Both our orders came out very quickly and steaming hot!

After the first taste I knew I would be coming back to Pho Minh. The Pho I had in Vegas did not even compare with Pho Minh. The broth was extremely tasty and not bland at all. Well I’ve only been to 2 Pho restaurants, but this one is my favorite so far.

I had never had tea before unbelievably. Colin said I should try it so I did. While being a little bland it was good and if it’s filled with caffeine I’m all for it! I brought the Flip Utra along with me to Pho Minh and Colin took this short video…

Colin and I plan to make this a weekly thing, maybe start a Dot Com Pho Pittsburgh? If anyone is interested in joining us be sure to contact me and I will let you know when we are going again.