Starting Off CES Right!

The only way to start off CES is with a party! This year John, Stephen, and I threw the CES Kickoff Party, but instead of the MGM Skylofts we went with the Absolut Suite at Caesars. The suite is of course themed after Absolut Vodka, what better place to throw a party! The suite has 4 bedrooms, all themed after a different flavor of Abosut Vodka. Besides the bedrooms the suite has a main room with dance floor, bar area, lounge area, and a balcony overlooking the main room. Also the view is pretty cool. We used the main room for the party mostly, but we had 2 sponsors Tagan and NZXT who used 2 of the bedrooms to show off products.

The party was a lot of fun. Unlike most CES parties ours is a lot more relaxed and is just for fun. We invite our friends and sponsors and just have a good time. I had a great time, but I had been sick with a cold so I couldn’t get as drunks as I would have wanted! I want to thank everyone for coming and expect another party next year! Here are some pictures…

A full house!

Stephen and John

Ramsom from Thermaltake


Shawn from OCIA

Jason from Techware Labs